Monday, 10 June 2019


After the shoot with Dave, we discussed at some length how the film would look and the more we looked at the footage, the more we liked the questions and answers which produced far more spontaneity on my part. 

The editing took a while and the sound was a problem but we got there and it ended up very much Dave's film complimented by his excellent photography. I learned a lot during the whole process. There is a wonderful scene in Fleabag which, if you haven't seen it, is now on BBC iPlayer and if you have seen it, I would certainly recommend a second viewing. The scene is where the heroine meets the character played by Kristin Scott Thomas who says ''All we've got is people" which is true (to a certain extent - I'm not going into our relationship with animals, pets, nature etc) and lucky old us especially when one of those people is David Wares. 

I hope you enjoy this  -

It was made by people, for people and with love. What more do you want?

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