Saturday, 25 May 2019

DAVID WARES - A Shared Day Part One

Did this work or not? It doesn't matter - the fun was in the trying. The surreal nature of the resulting image was also fun. That evening in 2015, Dave drove from his house in Hastings and collected me from my home in Brighton and then took me to Birling Gap for the shoot and afterwards, drove me back to Brighton before returning to Hastings. Dave is a lovely guy and this is typical of his kindness and also his willingness to put in the necessary effort to get the shots he wants.

He is very supportive of my projects and, during the latest exhibition in October 2018, he volunteered to invigilate at Regency Town House even though it was cold and not many people called in.

But, enough of all that, I am now looking forward the results of our second shoot which took place at my house on 25th May 2019. I had long admired Dave's wonderful street photography which he has been pursuing in recent times and, between us, we conjured up the idea of him spending the day photographing and filming me at home. He also surprised me with a list of questions which had been supplied, at his request, by some of his fellow exhibitors at the Regency Town House and, subject to how the editing goes, the questions and answers will be revealed in due course. So, there you are, Dave Wares, a man who cares.

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