Tuesday, 6 March 2018

THEA LOVERING - Part Two - Intrigue

And here are just a few of the excellent images from that first shoot - peaceful, intimate, enigmatic........and intriguing....... the viewer asks what and why? Why a rope? What is the scar? Is he holding his stomach or pressing the rope against it? And, at the same time, the tone of the photograph lends it a softness that belies the coarseness of the rope. Similarly the hand (deformed by the Polio which struck at the age of 7, almost 60 years ago) rests gently, quietly on the skin.

In the second image, there is the same tranquil air with echoes of the photographs in Thea's project, "Shadows and Reflections", although this time the light and the shade combine to highlight the intertwined limbs of a person rather than an empty space which a person has once inhabited and then left. Yes, we have seen pictures like this before and they have been wonderful but that does not in any way detract from the subtlety of Thea's work and the skill and imagination she employs and which imbue this shot with a serenity that is a hallmark of her work.
I have included this last picture because, for me, it sums up the connection between us that day. It was a day full of discussion, smiles, music and discovery and now we are looking to more of the same as we continue into a second shoot. Thea is strong-willed and confident but she allows her subjects space and that was the case with me. We talked a lot and we tried different things. It was a scouting mission for more to come.

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